Start-Up Franchisors

Services for Start-up Franchisors


With the necessary orientation (Sequencing Workshop), at the completion of the feasibility study (StartRight™) and strategic planning process, you will have a clear understanding of the specific areas in need of modification, improvement, and/or re-positioning in the Prototype. Regardless of whether you proceed with franchising, your current business will benefit from the analysis. As a  result you’ll be prepared to make a well-informed business decision regarding the commitment to and timing of the creation, documentation, operation, expansion, and financing strategy for the franchise concept. With the tools and information you’ll receive, you will be fully prepared to “do it yourself” or save money on outsourcing some or all of your franchise development services.  

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Operating Franchisors

Services for Operating Franchisors


An Assessment Study gives management a clear picture of where their system is now and identifies the improvements that, when implemented, can vastly improve franchise system administration, operations, marketing, and sales. The study also reveals how system and staff performance can be improved through the efforts of better-informed management with the necessary leadership skills. It is highly recommended that management, particularly new staff members, receive the proper orientation and the basic franchise educational coursework in connection with the Assessment process so that development team members call all be “on the same page.”   

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Franchise Buyers

Services for Franchise Buyers


Our program provides prospective franchisees with industry education and orientation prior to entering the purchase process. As your Franchise Strategist, I will assist you in assessing your requirements (Franchisee Profile), obtaining the industry and market (Research), and finding pre-qualified franchisor candidates (Identification). In order to eliminate unwanted solicitation (of you the buyer), I will contact prospective franchisors and collect their information. We can interview selected companies together. Further Analysis determines which franchisors best meet your specific criteria in each of nine performance areas. Following successful negotiation and purchase, I can arrange for business plan preparation and financing as well as pre-opening support.

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